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    All About Casino Bonuses

    How to Get the Most out of Your Casino Bonuses
    August 29, 2019
    The availability of attractive bonuses is often one of the important factors that is used by players when choosing an online casino. It makes sense of these venues to offer this free credit because it is used to reward loyalty, and to attract new people.

    The fact that these bonuses are available mean that this type of entertainment becomes better value for money. Having this bit of extra credit means you get to play more games, but you need to behave strategically if you want to get the most out of these bonuses.

    Myths about the Casino Bonus

    It is understandable that lots of us do feel a bit cynical when it comes to things like bonuses. There are lots of websites offering gimmicks to lure people in, and when we hear about ‘free money’ we want to know, where is the catch? One of the most pervasive myths about casino bonus is that it is not going to be possible to win any money using this credit. It means that some people just end squandering their bonus, and there are even some players who fail to make use of it.

    There can be certain conditions associated with casino credit (see types of casino bonus below) but as far as the actual online casino games are concerned, it is treated no differently than the credit you put into your account. This means that you have as much chance of winning using these bonuses that you do when using your own money. If you fail to make use of this free credit, you are going to be losing out.

    Types of Casino Bonus

    Before you can make the best use of your free casino credit, you need to know how it can be used. There are basically four types of casino bonus including:

    • A sticky bonus is a type of credit that you are not allowed to turn directly into cash, but it does stay in your account until it is used up – of course, you will be able to turn any credit you win while using your sticky bonus into cash.
    • A phantom bonus is also non-cashable, but unlike the sticky bonus, it only stays in your account until you withdraw money.
    • Bonus codes are another type of non-cashable bonus. These just involve entering a code to access the bonus, and they are most commonly used to attract new players to an online casino.
    • A cashable bonus is the exact same as the credit you add to your account – you can turn this money into cash, if you don’t want to use it to play.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Casino Credit

    The first step you need to getting the most out of your casino bonus is to understand the terms and, conditions associated with it. You need to be clear about how this credit can be used, and if there are any special conditions like a time-limit or if it is only to be used with certain games.

    One of the easiest ways you can pick up a casino bonus is from depositing money into your account. In order to increase the opportunity for free credit, it is recommended that you deposit this cash strategically. For example, it can sometimes be advantageous to spread your deposits over a longer time period or to deposit a lump sum if there is a special deal at the moment.

    If you want to as much free credit as possible, you need to keep an eye out for any new bonuses as they become available. Most of us hate spam, but it makes sense to sign-up to the casino newsletter because this can be the best way to stay up-to-date with the latest deals. If you are really determined to make the most of bonuses, you probably want to sign-up for newsletters for a number of casinos.