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    4 Common Slots Playing Mistakes/Myths

    4 Common Slots Playing Mistakes/Myths
    August 29, 2019
    It is not difficult to understand why slot machines have become one of the most popular attractions at ‘real life’ and online casinos. This game is relatively easy to play, always exciting, and it might only take you one spin to hit the jackpot.

    You don’t have to bother with complicated strategies when playing slots, so even the complete newbie has more or less the same chance of winning as the regular player.

    Given the popularity of this casino game, it is hardly surprising that some slot machine myths have developed. These ideas are not only wrong, but they can actually remove some of the enjoyment from the game – especially if cause you to waste your money. Here are just some of the slots mistakes you are going to want to avoid:

    1. The Slot Machine is Due to Pay Out

    One of the most common reasons for why people end up losing more than they can afford on slots is the idea that the machine is due to pay out. If you become convinced that a big win is just around the corner, it can feel reasonable to go over your budget. The problem with this rationalisation is you can never really know when this game is going to pay out – if humans did have this ability, the casinos would rapidly go out of business.

    The reality is that slot machines are controlled by random number generators. There is no special microchip that tells the slots to start churning out jackpots, it is all controlled by statistics. The fact that a random number generator is used means it doesn’t really matter how long it has been since the last big pay-out. The lesson here is to always be strict about sticking to your budget.

    2. There is a Guaranteed Strategy for Winning Slots

    The claim that there is a guaranteed strategy for winning slots should become easier to dismiss when you realise the business offering this magical secret usually wants you to hand over some cash. If this method is so successful, why does the inventor need your money? There are strategies that may increase the likelihood of winning slots, but there is no system that is going to be able to guarantee this. There are a lot of people online who are trying to scam money off the innocent, so it always pays to be a bit cynical.

    3. You Won’t Win Money on Slots Using Your Casino Bonus

    One of the most prevailing slots myths is that you can’t win money using your casino bonus. It is true that sometimes bonuses have special conditions (e.g. a sticky bonus can’t be converted into cash), but this doesn’t have any impact on the behaviour of the machine – it can’t tell the difference between credit from your account and bonus credit.

    Casino bonuses are a way for you to get better value for money when visiting this type of online venue. It is a mistake to just dismiss this credit as gimmicky or useless. You are as likely to hit the jackpot with this money as with any other money.

    4. Online Slots are Inferior to Offline Slot Machines

    It is true that some people prefer to play slots in a real casino, but there are also plenty of individuals who prefer the online experience. There have been myths claiming that internet slots are somehow less safe or less fair, but this is mostly due to the paranoia about internet security that developed when this new form of commerce first became popular. Most of us now feel comfortable about spending money online, and it is no longer such a big deal.

    The reality is that online slots offer more or less the same experience you get in a ‘bricks and mortar’ casino, and there are actually many advantages to this new way of playing these games. The nicest thing about playing on the web is you can enjoy this entertainment when and where it is convenient for you.

    So there you have just four of the common myths about playing slots – there are lots more. Just be careful to always consider the reasonableness any claims you hear about this game.