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    The History of Slots

    The History of Slots
    August 29, 2019
    Slot machines are usually one of the first images that pop into our heads when somebody mentions Las Vegas. The wonderful thing about this game is it is so much fun to play, and you don’t need to bother with any fancy strategies – you could hit the jackpot at any time, and it could happen the first time you play.

    Slots have been around since the nineteenth century, but they continue to increase in popularity. The availability of this game online has introduced it to a new generation of slot machine fanatics.

    The History of Slots

    The most important figure in the history of slot machines has to be Charles Fey. He was born in Germany, but he moved to the United States as an adult. Charles became a wonderful example of how immigrants could achieve the ‘American Dream’ by working hard and being innovative. He was a bit of a wizard when it came to electrical devices, and he got a job with the Electric Works Company. In 1887, he designed the Liberty Bell, and this was the forerunner of all the slot machines we have today.

    Modern players are wouldn’t have any trouble getting to grips with the nineteenth century Liberty Bell slot machine. It only had three spinning wheels, and there were five possible symbols on each wheel (the liberty bell, diamond, heart, spade, horseshow, and heart). The jackpot would be given for three liberty bells, but there were also rewards for two or three of any of the other symbols. The main way this older game differed from the modern equivalent was there usually wasn’t a money prize – instead, the winners would be awarded cigars or alcoholic drinks (these machines were mostly found in pubs initially).

    It’s doubtful that Charles Ray ever expected his slots would prove so popular. He needed to stop working for the Electric Works Company and launch his own company. He soon found that he was unable to create the Liberty Bell machine fast enough to meet the demand. Other entrepreneurs saw an opportunity for profit, so similar machines were released. The most notable of these came from Herbert Mills, and it was released in 1907. This device left its mark on the history of slots because it replaced the original symbols with fruit.

    The next important period in the story of the slots was during the 1970s when the first electronic machines became popular. This was an innovative step forward, and it made it possible to add new dimensions of play to the game (e.g. different pay lines). It’s also around time that manufacturers started to really experiment with different designs such as machines that were based on TV series, movies, or sporting events.

    The last decade has been one of the most exciting in the development of slot machines due to availability of slots online. You no longer need to go to a bar or to a real casino to enjoy this game because you can now use a desktop application, web browser, or mobile app. It means you can enjoy slots whenever and wherever you happen to be. Not only does it make it more convenient to play, but the technology has made it possible to add some new features never available before (e.g. you have far more control over the user interface).

    The Future of Slots

    The rapid increase in technology in recent years means that slot machines are benefiting from more innovation in twelve months than they previously would have in a decade. It’s the most exciting time in the history of slots, and there is no telling where it is all going to lead. The recent introduction of online slot tournaments has meant that there is a whole new level of entertainment available to players.